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Fakultät Maschinenbau
Strukturierung von IT-Projekten

Planung und Umsetzung von IT-Projekten

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Summer 5 Link to Moodle course - Online Self-study
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The module introduces procedures for the selection, design and implementation of information systems in the field of production logistics. For this purpose, methods for the preparation and structuring of IT projects are first dealt with. The planning of the (specific) system to be used, from the requirements of the business process to the specifications and cost estimation, right through to the project planning, is covered throughout. Furthermore, techniques of project monitoring in the context of IT systems are introduced and methods for quality-oriented development of software are covered. Further aspects include related IT topics such as software migration, planning tools and version control systems. In the exercise, an exemplary IT project is analyzed and planned in groups. Students take on different roles within different project phases and interactively practice the techniques and tools previously learned. The results are presented in groups and discussed collectively.

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