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Fakultät Maschinenbau

Teaching offer of the ITPL

On this page you will find an overview of our courses. At the latest at the beginning of the semester in which a course is in rotation, the current moodle course will be linked. With the exception of courses with limited number of participants, you can enroll by self-registration. If the course is not in rotation, the Moodle course from the previous semester is linked. You will then have the opportunity for self-study with last semester's materials and can write an exam at the end of the semester. The subject restrictions of the last semester will remain in place. If you have any questions about the module in question, please feel free to ask them during the ITPL's open consulting hours as part of the coordination of teaching. Please refrain from email inquiries in this regard and ask your questions during open consulting hours.

Registration via LSF is not required for any event. Details on registration formalities of the lab and the case study can be found on the respective subpage.

Examination regulations WS19/20

Modules for bachelor's degree programs

Examination regulations WS19/20

Modules for master programs


The new Moodle rooms will be activated at the beginning of the new semester at the latest. These are always linked on our website under "Courses offered".

You do not need a registration key for any Moodle room. For courses with a limited number of participants, please note the respective registration formalities.

There are program-specific regulations to make the transition between Bachelor's and Master's degree programs more flexible. You can find these in your module handbook.

You can find the exam date on the page of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering linked here . As soon as the time and the lecture hall are fixed, you will find them in the Moodle room also linked here .

No, registration in the LSF is not necessary.