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Fakultät Maschinenbau

IT-Gestaltung in der Produktion und Logistik

Semester Credits Moodle course Lecture Lecture start Tutorial Tutorial start
Winter 5 Link to Moodle course Tuesdays,
08:15 - 10:00
MB1 E21/22
10.10.2023 Thursdays,
10:15 - 11:45
Weg 4-8 - 08.00.07
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In this module, students learn the basics of the software development cycle in the context of production and logistics. To this, programming concepts for the independent design and implementation of programs using the C++ programming language are first introduced and intensively discussed. Based on this, the fundamentals of software development methods are covered. These include typical approaches such as top-down and bottom-up as well as process models established in practice such as the V-Modell XT. On this basis, modern software development methods are brought into focus. The focus is on the agile software development method SCRUM. In addition, students learn the importance of software testing in the context of software quality. In particular, the module focuses on procedures for verification and validation of the introduced process models as well as the handling of errors and error prevention. In addition, markup languages such as HTML and XML are covered and communication on the Web is discussed.

Within the exercise the students apply the learned knowledge in a practice-oriented way. For this purpose, the exercise deepens practical programming and the agile software development methods, which the students work on independently in small groups.

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