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Fakultät Maschinenbau
Grundlagen der Programmierung

Einführung in die Programmierung I

Semester Credits Moodle course Lecture Lecture start Tutorial Tutorial start
Winter 4 Link to Moodle course Wednesdays,
14:00 - 16:00
EF50 HS1
11.10.2023 Fridays,
09:00 - 10:00
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In this module, the fundamentals of software development are covered and deepened using structured procedures. Based on a general consideration of computer systems, theoretical basics of procedural and object-oriented programming are introduced. The programming knowledge imparted is practiced by means of practical applications.

In the winter semester, the basic elements of computer systems and their interaction are introduced. Subsequently, the basic elements of procedural and object-oriented programming, for example data structures, case distinctions, loops, procedures, classes and objects, are worked out using the programming language C++ as an example. Instructions for the independent development of programs are given and procedures for structured programming are introduced. The basics of programming are practiced by means of exercises, the tasks of which are derived from various fields of mechanical engineering.

In the summer semester, the knowledge of the winter semester is deepened by working on project tasks. These project tasks are solved in groups of four and are derived from different fields of mechanical engineering, such as the control of a production line, traffic simulations, engine comparison, but also the development of a driving robot, quadrocopter, 3D printer or similar. The processing of the project tasks is recorded by means of a structured documentation of the developed program by the students.

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