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Fakultät Maschinenbau
Design Thinking und Rapid Prototyping

Fachlabor Programming of a web-based IT system for the complex provision of spare parts

Semester Credits Moodle course Lecture Lecture start
Summer 6 Link to Moodle course Industrial Engineering
Link to Moodle course Logistics
Link to Moodle course Mechanical Engineering
14:00 - 18:00

The aim is to design and prototype a web-based IT system for the complex provision of spare parts. The IT system should provide the necessary information for different user roles, support the ordering and execution of spare parts deliveries and manage stocks and replenishment processes. This also includes order data management and master data maintenance. In particular, suitable data models are to be designed and implemented in SQL, suitable interfaces - for example using PHP - are to be designed and the prototypical implementation of suitable user interfaces is to be carried out.

After successful participation, students will have acquired the competence to use current tools and techniques from Internet-based information technology in the context of production and logistics in a prototypical manner and to assess their applicability for industrial tasks.

Course structure

  • Presence 1: Task definition, basic understanding of HTTP/CSS/PHP
  • Presence 2: Design, basic understanding: SQL
  • Presence 3: Dynamic output, basic understanding: queries
  • Presence 4: Data retrieval, basic understanding: HTTP interaction, data manipulation SQL
  • Presence 5: System integration and lab test, basic understanding: security
  • Presence 6: Conclusion: Presentation and feedback

Group work phases to develop the content and implement the milestone-based project are held between the attendance dates. A presentation and discussion will take place in the classroom sessions.


  • A total of 6 attendance dates on Mondays from 2 to 6 p.m.
  • Team work between the attendance dates (5 phases)
  • Preparation of final documentation
  • Submission of team results 3 calendar days before the next attendance date
  • Presentation and joint discussion of the results on the respective attendance date
  • If required, video consultation at half-time between two attendance dates

Examination performance

  • Participation in attendance dates
  • Discussions and presentation of interim results
  • Final oral presentation
  • Submission of suitable documentation (e.g. data models in ERM, scripts or corresponding interface designs in Visio/PowerPoint)


  • Maximum of 4 places for logisticians
  • Maximum of 4 places for industrial engineers
  • Maximum of 4 places for mechanical engineers
  • Group work (individual assessment)


  • Basic knowledge of programming (e.g. scripting languages) required
  • Database knowledge and SQL advantageous

Registration information

Start of the registration period 28.09.2023 at 09:00. End of the registration period: 12.10.2023 at 09:00. Registration for students of the Master's degree programs in Logistics and Industrial Engineering and Management takes place centrally via the respective Moodle rooms (please contact your academic advisors or representatives of the specialist laboratories if necessary). If necessary, you can register in the respective Moodle room before the registration period. Please refer to the respective Moodle room for registration periods and modalities.

Registered participants are added to a Moodle course. This only happens after the registration deadline! You will also receive an e-mail accordingly.