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Fakultät Maschinenbau
Datenbanken und Informationsverwaltung

Informationsaustausch produzierender Unternehmen

Semester Credits Moodle course Lecture Lecture start Tutorial Tutorial start
Winter 5 Link to Moodle course Tuesdays,
14:15 - 15:45
Logistik Campus A1.27
10.10.2023 Tuesdays,
16:15 - 17:45
Logistik Campus A1.27
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The module deals with the central concepts of interoperability and information exchange in the value network along the chain of product creation as well as in the supplier and distribution network. For this purpose, various techniques of business process modeling are introduced and the analysis of process models is dealt with. In order to understand the technical background, basic terms and standards of data transmission (e.g. Internet protocols and services), network technology including fieldbus systems, wireless technologies and regular expressions are covered. In addition, an insight into the complex of topics of programmable logic controllers (PLC) is given and relevant languages and standards are introduced.

Furthermore, students receive a detailed introduction to the conceptual world of relational databases for storing and managing information. In order to work with relational databases and to be able to process and query information, the database language SQL is introduced.

Selected topics and methods of the lecture, in particular on modeling and databases as well as PLC, will be further deepened in the exercises and discussed using practical examples.

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