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Einstieg in die Simulation

Grundlagen der Simulationstechnik

Semester Credits Moodle course Lecture Lecture start Tutorial Tutorial start
Winter 5 Link to Moodle course Wednesdays,
12:00 - 14:00
Mathematik E23/E24
18.10.2023 Wednesdays,
14:00 - 15:45
MB1 R263
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In this module, students acquire specialist knowledge of the modeling and simulation of production and logistics systems. In addition, students gain practical experience in conducting simulation studies. For this purpose, the fundamentals of discrete-event simulation and its practical application in problems from production logistics are introduced. The methods of discrete-event simulation, the necessary basics of statistics, the handling of computer-generated random numbers, the procedures of experiment planning and evaluation as well as the techniques of verification and validation are covered. The practical execution of simulation studies, especially in the context of planning projects, is discussed in detail on the basis of the procedure model according to VDI 3633.1.

Selected topics and methods of the lecture, in particular for model creation, execution of simulation studies and verification and validation, will be further deepened in the exercises and discussed using practical examples. The simulation models are created independently by the students and parameterized close to reality. The simulation studies are carried out with the help of a commercial simulation tool.

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